To transform lives by providing growth and development opportunities that empower our people.


Core Values


  • Safety obsessed - Returning home safely is priority #1
  • Over communicating - Build transparent relationships, keep everyone informed
  • Accountable - High performance fueled by complete ownership
  • Coachable - Open and responsive to giving and receiving feedback
  • Developing - Get 1% better every day
  • Celebrating - Support one another, applaud team and individual victories


    Safety Obsessed

    Safety impacts you and everyone around you. If safety is not a priority to you, then Apex is not where you belong.  Our work exposes us to a variety of hazards which can be safely navigated with proper training and awareness.  We analyze every project to identify potential hazards and work to eliminate or mitigate those hazards.  We invest our time and resources to train our employees, ensuring that they have the ability to competently follow the hierarchy of controls.  We are focused on improving our safety culture by thoroughly investigating all safety occurrences, both major and minor.  We believe zero safety incidents is the only acceptable standard.

    Over Communicating

    We operate in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving environment where intentional communication is critical.  We communicate in a timely fashion that encompasses all styles and forms to increase the likelihood of being understood. Failure to do so results in communication silos and breakdowns which leads to friction and delay. We welcome difficult, uncomfortable conversations in order to build relationships and create trust in the long-run. We communicate transparently to ensure information is shared freely and all individual needs are met.


    The only way to achieve and maintain best in class status is by setting a high standard and holding ourselves and our peers to that standard.  This is accomplished by examining our performance and acknowledging our shortcomings.  It is not about assigning blame, it is about finding ways to improve.  We create opportunities for the benefit of the company, its employees and the community.  We take complete ownership of our actions, acknowledge problems and work openly to fix them.  To do so we show up prepared and on time with a positive attitude.


    Better solutions, greater inclusion, growth and diversity are driven by exploring and being open to alternate ideas.  We provide feedback without ego to identify and address areas of potential improvement.  We spend time to reflect and discuss to achieve progress and breakthrough.  We actively seek feedback from others to hone our behavioral and professional skills.


    Achievement of our vision requires the creation of additional skills and talents within our team.  It is the company’s responsibility to provide that opportunity, however, it is up to the individual team member to seize it.  We achieve goals by breaking them down into manageable segments that make anything attainable.  We have a growth mindset, making incremental improvements that compound over time, to unlock our unlimited potential.


    The pressures encountered in high performance work environments are better shouldered when balanced with praise.  We take pride in the personal and professional achievements of others.  We create a positive environment by acknowledging victories both large and small and actively search for those opportunities.