Apex Site Solutions is a wireless telecommunications contractor based in Elk Grove, CA. We service all of California as well as Nevada and Oregon. We are currently seeking a Warehouse Associate with the following responsibilities:

Warehouse Organization

  • Manage a working live WHS database anything entering or exiting the WHS
  • Maintain and update organizational layout (MAP) of warehouse and yard
  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of warehouse and office
  • Monitoring and keeping a database usage of all tools and assets
  • Build and maintain staging areas by date of start 


Bill Of Materials(BOM)

  • Ensure Receipt of BOMS in WHS
  • Schedule, assign, and communicate BOM pick up
  • Note and track damaged/missing materials to be replaced
  • Daily check-ins with PM’s and field teams to eliminate project delays
  • Ensure signed BOMS are uploaded to cloud
  • Bom’s are staged week prior to field start and 100% ready for crew checks 
  • The crew will sign out BOM from WHS when they receive it 

Warehouse inventory

  • Identify materials to be reduced and/or eliminate from warehouse annually
  • Maintain organization of all materials by section as per map
  • Build and maintain a database of materials based on cycle counts 


  • Weekly inspections on vehicles and equipment to check for cleanliness, and maintenance needs
  • Schedule and track maintenance on all vehicles and large equipment
  • Scan inspection information and upload to Cloud

Warehouse Compliance

  • Ensure warehouse is safety compliant at all times Goal: WHS compliance is 100%, zero accident tolerance
  • Ensure that Apex Site Solutions can maximize productivity by providing complete WHS inventory
  • Pulling BOM Material
  • Be able to successfully put a material list together
  • Properly label material and stage it in the correct location.
  • Support WHS manager in monitoring all tools and asset scanning them in/out to sites 

WHS/Office Cleaning Duties

  • Check trash inside and out, empty daily.  Replace trash bags and check paper shredder as well
  • Check tool cage to ensure it is organized and clean
  • Perform a perimeter sweep and pick up noticeable trash, empty pallet, etc.
  • Perform Kitchen and Bathroom check- clean if needed, wipe everything down, empty trash, refill toilet paper/paper towels.  Sign off cleaning list
  • Pull out shop trucks and trailers every morning
  • End of the day sweep Warehouse


  • Comprehensive benefits package, including medical, 401K, sick pay, and much more!